The Gemini’s are soft and gentle in their approach. But they are very sensitive too. The Gemini’ maintains maximum patience when they face any crisis or troubles. They prefer to talk and discuss in defusing the crisis rather than to fight on those issues. The Gemini’s keeps the fighting as their last option.

The Gemini’s are very imaginative people. They keep dreaming on personal, political, economical, social and family issues. In fact, Gemini’s list of dreams never ends. The Gemini’s are capable of keeping themselves highly comfortable by their dreaming actions. The Gemini never loses hopes in their life.

Gemini’s are quite orthodox in their attitude; but never hesitates to introduce newer elements into their lifestyle. But Gemini’s are good at preserving the age old traditions and treasures. The Gemini’s has the tendency to keep postponing their work schedules. They do find lot of excuses for their actions too.

The Gemini’s are capable of recuperating themselves immediately. The Gemini regains their confidence and works in an excellent manner even during any emergency like situations. The Gemini leaves behind their worst memories behind them and tries to march forward in their life.

The Gemini exhibits different attitudes at different times. The Gemini often reflects the opposite person’s character; they are friendly, if they are approached in a friendly manner; and they become rude, if the opposite person is not friendly.    


The Gemini’s are good at cracking jokes within their friends and family members. They have the humorous tendencies and enjoy the jokes dished out by others. But the Gemini’s are not good at entertaining huge masses and they are not born humorists. 


The Gemini’s are slow, soft and gentle in nature. They are very humane in their nature. The Gemini’ prefers to talk extensively and try to avoid the fights and serious arguments. The Gemini’ never makes the first move to start any troubles. They adopt a wait and watch attitude before committing themselves into any actions. 

The Gemini’ also never picks up any troubles with any unknown persons. The Gemini’ analyzes the situation to their complete satisfaction; they involve in any troubles only after looking into various aspects .                                                                                 

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