The Gemini loves their family very much. They spend most part of their earnings for the welfare of their family. But in most cases, Gemini’ never get recognition for their work. 

The Gemini’s are short tempered and hurt others through their words. But Gemini’s anger is also short lived. The Gemini never prolongs their differences with their family members for too long. Thus Gemini brings the problems under their control as quickly as possible.


The Gemini’s are capable of dreaming about their spouses and marriages too. The Gemini hopes to marry a dream girl/boy before their marriage. In most cases, their dreams get shattered on these expectations. It could be due to their unrealistic expectation and very high hopes they place before the marriage.

 But the Gemini’s are very quick to adjust their life during their post marriage period. Also the Gemini’s never harass their spouses and make public about their disappointments. Most Gemini’s will repent for their marriage in private during their lifetime. 

The Gemini’s lifestyle changes after their marriage. The Gemini will find it hard to control their mouth.  The Gemini will share their mind and thoughts with their spouse. Thus Gemini will initiate the problems with their spouse. In general, Gemini will have a normal routine life. 


The Gemini’s loves their family very much and works hard to sustain their family members. The Gemini’s expect their family members to recognize their efforts. The Gemini’s become very disappointed and frustrated if their efforts are not recognized by their family.

The Gemini expects the every member of the family to consult them. The Gemini’s often give free legal and illegal advice. They interfere in other’s issues through their free advice without any invitations. This odd behavior of the Gemini sometime put them at loggerheads with their family members. The Gemini’s are both loved and hated by their family members.


The Gemini’s love their children too much. In fact, the Gemini’s are tied to their family because of their strong affections for their children. The Gemini’s have strong affections towards all the children. The Gemini’s spend most of the time with their children to keep them away from the troubles in their own families.    


The Gemini’s may not have comfortable relationships with their brothers/sisters. The Gemini’s will display affections and love towards their brothers/sisters. The Gemini’s are too much helpful to their brothers/sisters. But in the end, they will draw a big zero on their relationships. 

The Gemini’s intentions are clear; but their actions and words cast doubts on their sincerity. When the Gemini finds that they had been cheated or deceived by their brothers and the time is mostly up in their life. 


The Gemini’s may live away from their father during their lifetime either due to education/jobs/marriages. They may develop serious differences with their father, if they live close to their father. 


The Gemini maintains love and hate relationship with their mother. The Gemini will take all advises from their mother for few days. Then the Gemini will heap bag full of scorns on their mother and make them responsible for all their troubles for the next few days.

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