The Gemini has great taste on love and romance. The partners of the Gemini will never forget the best moments of love and romance exhibited by the Gemini. They try to impress their partners with the display of knowledge.


The Gemini’s are very fond of love and romance. But they feel shy of putting out their feelings of love. The Gemini’s are comfortable in keeping their romance within themselves. When they get a chance to express their love, often they miss the chance.

The love life of Gemini starts with the proposal from their partners. The Gemini’s are quiet excited about getting into love affairs. They prefer to sacrifice anything and be willing to change their entire lifestyles. 

The Gemini’s maintain very soft and gentle approach with their love partners and expects the same treatment in return too. The Gemini’s never use any harsh words or actions that could hurt their partner.

But the Gemini’s become too possessive in nature; and expects too much affection from their partners. The Gemini’s become totally shattered when their feelings are hurt by their love partners. But Gemini’s could be easily pacified with the soothing words by their partners.

The over sensitiveness that are shown by Gemini, sometimes irritates their love partners too. Though the Gemini’s have interests in sex, they never exhibits in their initial periods. The Gemini’s will make deep analysis of their partner’s preference before making the first sexual overtures.

The Gemini’s are so diplomatic and polite that none can really understand their inner motive. The polite behavior of Gemini will earn them a gentleman status too. The love life of the Gemini will not be sex centric; but it will be a combination of more love and minimum sex.


After the marriage, Gemini’s try to maintain the same amount of love and affection with their spouses. But very quickly, Gemini comes down from their dream life into the more realistic life. They want their partners to adjust to the new reality. This attitude makes the spouses of Gemini to arrive at a conclusion that the Gemini’s are not serious about the love after their marriage.

The Gemini’s are incapable of keeping secrets within their mind. They fully expose their strength and weakness in a short span of time. The Gemini’s place their full trust on their spouses too.

The Gemini’s are thus vulnerable to their spouses on many issues. Thus Gemini doesn’t have the choice but to be submissive to their spouses. In general, Gemini looks very dominating on their spouses; but they become too submissive to their spouses over the period of time.

In the course of time, the Gemini’s become too much dependent on their spouses. The Gemini looks for the approval of their actions even for their routine matters. Thus Gemini forfeits their freedom to their spouses by knowingly or unknowingly. Later, Gemini starts to resent about their loss of freedom both in public and in private.

The Gemini talks so open about their inner mindset; by talking extensively about their marriage expectations, they design their troubles by themselves within the house. Thus Gemini’s has very low peace of mind within their homes.

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